Post 1: My Friend Craig and His List


I am thrilled to be shedding the layers of stuff we have been accumulating over the past years. One doesn't need much when moving towards a life on a boat. But… let's put that thought on hold for a moment (as no one has accepted our offer on a boat). In actuality, we are moving into a one room log cabin in Northern Petaluma. This one room just so happens to come with a petting zoo, ice cream socials and a hot tub. Yes, that's right, I'm moving my family to a campground. And I couldn't be happier. Oh quirky life of adventure, it's time that we get reacquainted.

No couch, no baby crib, no television, no dining room table, no motorcycles, no 12 bottles of free hotel shampoo. Come and get it, 'cause it's all got to go!

And here's to the next chapter…


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