Post 2: Life Changes


In one week from today our little baby girl, Ruby, will be one year old.  So much has happened this year and much of it is a blur.  Included in the melee were the emotions from the birth, the loss of my beloved black lab Millie and the move from Ruby’s birthplace, a very basic 600 square foot box that I immediately  likened to a sharecropper unit, into the upscale historic neighborhood of the McDonald Mansion of old Santa Rosa.  My Mom came to live with us for a few months to help take care of Ruby while Jen transitioned back into work.  I left my job at the company that I had been part of for thirteen years, shifting my career focus to a different demographic and we decided to move into a one bedroom cabin with no running water to help us save some cash to take the next step toward our latest adventures.

While the list of adventures and goals that Jen and I constantly chat to one another about are many, the one I am focusing on at the moment involves the lifestyle change from land to sea.  We are in the market for a sailboat.  A large enough sailboat to transfer the three of us and all of our worldly goods onto.  The plan has been in the making for years but the conversation has become more earnest in nature since just before young Ruby was conceived.  We figured the years when our little one is not enrolled in any kind of school, sports or social events of her own would be a spectacular time to explore a life on the sea. We live in the San Francisco Bay area for goodness sake! The time has come.

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