Post 14: Santa Baby

~Jen~ The human brain is facinating. I’ve listened the song “Santa Baby” my entire life during the holiday season, and I have never, ever, ever really heard all of the words. So, I thought I’d share my new found appreciation for this song. Here’s to really paying attention and to finding joy in all things, new and old, big and small. I’m looking forward to … Continue reading Post 14: Santa Baby

Post 12: Oh Darling, Let’s…

~Jen~ Today is the day that out future will motor into our lives underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. I believe that it was Eleanor Roosevelt that said you should do one thing everyday that scares you. It’s been awhile since I’ve taken her up on that advice. Life has a way of becoming comfortable and predictable; it just sneaks up on you. I have a … Continue reading Post 12: Oh Darling, Let’s…

Post 11: Our First Adventure Aboard Gone Tomorrow

-JD- Today was pure bliss!  We got up to a beautiful sunrise, started our engine and headed Northeast across the bay.  We saw sea lions and porpoise and talked about all of the things that owning a sailboat in the San Francisco Bay was going to open us up to.  Brad took the helm for a bit while I moved around our boat exploring her … Continue reading Post 11: Our First Adventure Aboard Gone Tomorrow

Post 10: More Unplanned Twists

-JD- The rest of the trip went well for Captain Mike and his crew.  They motored on up the coast, made good time and used very little diesel. Meanwhile, I had arranged for Friday off of work as I had a small checklist of things that I needed to get accomplished, which included: Go to the DMV to deal with one of our vehicle registration issues. Go … Continue reading Post 10: More Unplanned Twists

Post 9: The Diffence a Day Makes

-JD- I get a call from the captain within minutes of opening my eyes.  I jump up out of bed to answer the phone and Mike says, “Well how are you feeling this morning?”  I answer with, “I was actually envisioning asking you that same question and hoping you’d come up with some brilliant idea.”  He had come up with some ideas.  He’d gotten some … Continue reading Post 9: The Diffence a Day Makes

Post 8: Round Dos

~Jen~ What the heck is a macerator pump anyway?  Well, since you asked: According to Wise Geek, the dictionary definition of macerating is making or becoming soft through steeping liquid.  Therefore, a macerator pump will combine this steeping with the grinding or cutting process to significantly reduce solid waste into particles small and soft enough for convenient and sanitary discharge. Gotcha, and that’s gross, but … Continue reading Post 8: Round Dos

Post 7: Reflection – Delivery Anxiety

-JD- So we’ve run into a snag.  An obstacle.  A speed bump in that long winding road to boat ownership.  This dramatic turn of events is likely somewhat common in the marine industry but it has, nonetheless,  caused some rather unsettling feelings that have spawned massive reflection in my actions and motivations while attempting to purchase this boat.  As vulnerable as writing them out for the … Continue reading Post 7: Reflection – Delivery Anxiety

Post 5: It Happens

~Jen~ So, we’ve been hearing about how a boat is really just a hole in the water that you throw money into… I’m a fan of the power of positive thinking, but sometimes shit happens. Yesterday was full of small scale rejoicing as we watched our boat (via a Spot tranceiver) leave Marina del Rey, hang a right, and head north. Wow, our boat will … Continue reading Post 5: It Happens

Post 4: Wound Up Like a Kid on Christmas Eve!

-JD- We’ve been talking about ‘the right way’ to set up this blog for a bit now and thinking about the perfect template, the right time to start, which site to use, what our goals are, etc. etc.  I can’t wait anymore.  Now is the time!  I have too much energy going on so I’m just jumping on in.  We may even post a few erlier writings from our … Continue reading Post 4: Wound Up Like a Kid on Christmas Eve!