Post 4: Wound Up Like a Kid on Christmas Eve!

Captain and crew depart Marina Del Rey for the City by the Bay!
Captain and crew depart Marina Del Rey for the city by the bay!


We’ve been talking about ‘the right way’ to set up this blog for a bit now and thinking about the perfect template, the right time to start, which site to use, what our goals are, etc. etc.  I can’t wait anymore.  Now is the time!  I have too much energy going on so I’m just jumping on in.  We may even post a few erlier writings from our journals that pre-date this.  We’ll see.

If you read our ‘About Us’ page you may catch on to the fact that I jumped the gun a bit.  We mentioned that the next hurdle we faced was learning to sail. HA!  We still have to get our boat from Marina Del Rey to our slip, (which we don’t have yet), in the San Francisco Bay, around 400 nautical miles north.   Loch Lomond in San Rafael to be exact.  This might not be a big deal to any old salts out there, but to us, it seems like quite a task.

So the exciting news is that our boat set sail (began motoring) this afternoon and I am excited as a kid on the night before Christmas.  We are having the boat delivered and our Captain has a SPOT GPS Messenger set up so we can track their movements as they make their way up through the mighty Pacific.  It’s set up to ping every 10-15 minutes.  I’m somewhat glued to the laptop.  I should just go the heck to sleep so I can wake up and see how far they’ve come in the morning because I can hardly resist the urge to glance at the screen every few minutes.


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