Post 5: It Happens


So, we’ve been hearing about how a boat is really just a hole in the water that you throw money into… I’m a fan of the power of positive thinking, but sometimes shit happens.

Yesterday was full of small scale rejoicing as we watched our boat (via a Spot tranceiver) leave Marina del Rey, hang a right, and head north. Wow, our boat will be here by Thursday. Our biggest worry was getting the timing right so that we could watch Gone Tomorrow make her way under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Well, that iconic moment for us might have been delayed. The head is backing up (uh, gross), and our delivery captain pulled into a marina in Oxnard to have it looked at. It has been pumped out but is still having issues. Cue Christmas Vacation flashback… Shitter’s full!

As I have no idea anything at all about marine toilets, I did a quick Google search on what the heck we are dealing with. Who knew there were so many different types of toilets for boats? Not me. I found this article entitled Turning Heads by Sailing World interesting.  So much to learn, sooo much to learn.

Our fingers are crossed that this issue will be an easy enough fix… otherwise, Captain Mike will be heading back the way he came from, and we’ll be scrambling for a Plan B.

Anyone have a spare slip in the LA area for a 37 foot boat they are willing to let us borrow?

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