Post 9: The Diffence a Day Makes

Back in Business!  Gone Tomorrow departs Channel Islands Harbor with new plumbing!
Back in Business! Gone Tomorrow departs Channel Islands Harbor with new plumbing!


I get a call from the captain within minutes of opening my eyes.  I jump up out of bed to answer the phone and Mike says, “Well how are you feeling this morning?”  I answer with, “I was actually envisioning asking you that same question and hoping you’d come up with some brilliant idea.”  He had come up with some ideas.  He’d gotten some rest, talked to his wife about the issues and our situation and decided to try to find a plumber/mechanic in Channel Islands Harbor to look into the problem.  He hoped to be able to get parts and work completed by around 2pm so he could try to get back on track and on the move again.  Hope was restored!  We may get our boat up here after all!

When Jen woke up I told her of the troubles and all of the things I had thought about through the night.  She too was upset but in typical fashion, she was quite supportive and forward thinking.  While she wasn’t physically able to be as much of the process on this particular boat due to work and time constraints, she totally supports my decisions and the reasons behind them.  We’ve discussed every aspect of this deal and we’re in this together, 100 percent.  What a great wife!  She is as much the adventurer as I am which eases my mind when we start down any new path in life.

Two long hours later I get a call that a plumber is on board.  I watch the SPOT pings move around in the same general area for hours and hours.  I get a text that headway is being made.  Then, I see movement in the SPOT!  She’s heading out of the harbor.  I watch on anxiously awaiting for the next ping.  Will they turn South or North?  Ping.  Ping. Ping.  NORTH BOUND!  Gone Tomorrow is out of Channel Islands Harbor and headed toward Santa Barbara!  We are back in business.  The captain and crew have found a way to make this happen and they are pushing on!

I get a call from Captain Mike confirming their intentions to motor that boat until they are in our slip in San Rafael!  And good news; our 34 horse power Yanmar Diesel is literally sipping the fuel.  She’s very efficient and behaving well!  What a mix of emotions.  I realize through my excitement that they have really only travelled 1/8th of the trip so far but they are up and running again and that is music to my ears.  Here’s to smooth seas and fair winds!


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