Post 16: Ahhh… R.E.L.I.E.F.

Pump Out Success!
Pump Out Success!


The first month of 2014 is nearly behind us. A lot has happened on the boat since last year. Our first big (boat related) achievement of the year was the first trip out of the slip to empty the holding tank. Excitement indeed! For any of you old salts out there this may seem like a minute accomplishment; for us it was huge. Jen and I threw little Ruby up on a hip and walked over to the famous bait station at Loch Lomond where local wildlife, Sylvester, Emma and Nasty Junior greet many a visitor. The pump out station is at the end of the dock so we walked out to take in the surroundings and plan our approach. I deduced that it would be best to back into the dock and I took in the scene. We walked back over to our boat. Jen practiced a few tie offs around the cleats and we hopped on, checked the fluids, fired her up on the first crank and off we went! We timed it out so Ruby would be napping and we would get to the pump out station at high tide. As we’ve mentioned in a previous post our boat draws almost 7ft and at low tide our marina can be as low as 4ft.

Man, it all worked out perfectly. I was able to maneuver Gone Tomorrow right up to the dock so Jen could hop off with ease. She went right to the stern and tied off, then to the bow to do the same. It felt awesome. These small steps are what we need right now to get to know our boat and the way she handles. I learned a lot about the control I may expect to have over her in reverse. I learned that it’s important to know which end to tie off first when there is a current. I learned that our holding tank and sewage operates fine and we’ll be able to have guests over to the boat without making them walk half a mile to and from the bathroom at the marina office. Success. Sweet success…and some old poop. It’s all just part of the deal.

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