Post 20: Giddy Up


I think everyone has a certain type of personality that they desire to have and strive to present to the outside world. For me, I like to think that I enjoy change and am a go with the flow type of gal. Buy sailboat and take on another monthly payment? No problem. Move your 14 month old infant onto a boat full-time as she is learning to walk? Sure, let’s go for it! Leave a job with a company you have been with since 2005 prior to finding another place of employment? Why not, it’s just another adventure.

For those of you that don’t follow the Chinese Zodiac (like me typically), this is the Year of the Wooden Horse. JD and I discovered this fact when we were back home visiting family in Kentucky over the holidays. Low and behold Ruby’s grandparents built her a wooden rocking horse by hand. How cool is it that in the Year of the Wooden Horse not only would we be moving onto our new “wooden wind horse” but Ruby would also receive a literal wooden horse gift to start the new year? Coincidence, maybe. Awesome, absolutely.

Perfect Gift from Grandma & Grandpa

So, what should be expected in the Year of the Wooden Horse? According to some random Internet post, this is what I found:

“The Year of the Wooden Horse will truly be high-spirited, active and lively for all. It will be a year filled with adventure and movement, delightfully delving into new ways and practices. Note that the pace can turn out to be extremely hectic.

This is what the horse has to say: Be brave, be bold, be shocking.”

January 31, 2014 was a big day for our little family. Not only was it my final day at work for a company that had been my family since 2005, it was also the day we officially found out that we had been approved for live aboard status at our marina. Two huge life changes in one day! While we were out for a celebratory dinner at Terrapin Crossroads, the table behind us gave a surprising yet incredibly fitting toast, “Happy Chinese New Year!” Both JD and I dissolved into laughter. As I stated, I don’t keep up with the Chinese Zodiac and had no idea that January 31st of all days was kicking off the new year. The Year of the Wooden Horse couldn’t have come galloping into our lives any faster with not one, but two huge life changes on day one of the new year.

So, here I am, charging forward into 2014. Internally, I’m thinking “Holy sh*t! How is all of this going to work out!?” All the while, I’m trying to be calm, stay in the moment and enjoy the changes that are taking place in my life. I don’t just want to only appear to enjoy change, I truly want to be that go with the flow kinda gal. My mantra for this year– Be brave. Be bold. Be shocking.

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