Post 22: I’m Studying My Brain Out


Doh! We’ve been pretty slack on posting lately.  My parents and sister were in town over the last couple of weekends and they kept us busy!  It was an awesome visit for all and I am looking forward to putting some pics up from our time together.  Ruby absolutely loved all of the hugs and attention she got from the family and she learned a lot during their visit.

At the moment I am learning a ton about sailing from my 13 week US Coast Guard Auxiliary class in Sausalito combined with an overload of YouTube vids and a plethora of other online and textbook resources.  We’re having a couple of friends join us for two full days of sailing and an overnight stay at a marina located in the Oakland Estuary this weekend so I am cramming in all I can, taking notes, studying my engine and readying my captaining skills.

Full reports and pics to follow!  I’ve also been meaning to write a post on doom and gloomers and an alternate outlook to the whole apocalyptic end to the world view that seems so prevalent lately.  Stay tuned? 😉

Oh! And I entered a drawing to win a sweet coffee maker called an Aerobie AeroPress from another sailing website that we recently found called  I’ve only just begun to explore Matt & Jessica’s site but it is freaking fantastic!  One thing that has jumped out that I intend to emulate is a ‘Cost’ page that outlines all of their cruising related expenses month by month and a total for the year.  Super cool!

I found them from reading another blog called The Boat Galley which is a mind-boggling collection of articles relating to all things cooking, cleaning, conserving, safety and so much more.  Amazing stuff.  Again, I’ve barely touched this blog but already learned a ton.  We will certainly reference it more and more as the time to cast off our lines nears.

And where did I hear about The Boat Galley?  Well the Mack Daddy (or Mommy) of sailing with family blogs, Windtraveler, of course.  I’ve been reading different outdoors and adventure blogs for years but when we had our daughter in 2012 I found myself looking for other families who were out there pushing for a less conforming way of life.  Jen told me to go check out Windtraveler and it’s been really cool following along on Scott & Brittany’s adventures at sea with their little girl.  By-the-way, they just had twins earlier this month so it will be neat to see what they get up to. Great stuff!

OK, so those are some blogs I get a lot out of.  I’ve gotten sidetracked from my studies.  Back to it.

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