Post 26: Let’s Get Sailing

~Jen~ Another exhilarating sail across the bay with lots of successful lessons accomplished. For this sail, we decided to tackle reefing and electronics. Interesting combo, eh? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Main Entry: reef Function: verb Date: 1667 transitive verb 1 : to reduce the area of (a sail) by rolling or folding a portion 2 : to lower or bring inboard (a spar) wholly … Continue reading Post 26: Let’s Get Sailing

Post 25: Happy Birthday, Daddy-O

~Jen~ Today JD rang in the final year of his third decade. There are so many new adventures to be had, and there is so much on the horizon. I feel slightly guilty for holding out for so long, but here goes: WE ARE MOVING TO LAS VEGAS FOR THE SUMMER. Wait, what? What about the boat? The Bay? The awesome boat family we just … Continue reading Post 25: Happy Birthday, Daddy-O

Post 24: Boat Porn Indeed

~Jen~ Wowzers. We have now officially attended our first boat show, Strictly Sail Pacific, and I now understand what all the hoopla is about. We checked out an assortment of sailboats in different shapes and sizes. Some of these newer models remind me of shopping at Ikea with their modern interiors and funky cabinets, while others have me picking my jaw up off the floor. … Continue reading Post 24: Boat Porn Indeed