Post 25: Happy Birthday, Daddy-O


Today JD rang in the final year of his third decade. There are so many new adventures to be had, and there is so much on the horizon.

I feel slightly guilty for holding out for so long, but here goes:


Wait, what? What about the boat? The Bay? The awesome boat family we just met and spent the day with? What about learning to sail? And maybe most importantly, why move to the middle of the desert in the middle of the summer?

The Boat:
The boat is now a part of out lives and still fits into this current plan, albeit in a different, more round about way than originally planned. We are moving Gone Tomorrow from Loch Lomond in San Rafael to Emery Cove in Emeryville. There are several reasons for this:
*We won’t have to worry about high/low tide in order to exit/enter the new marina. Yay!
*We can take public transportation straight from SFO to Emery Cove. No fuss, no muss.
*Honestly, Marin is just not our scene. I kind of feel like we are in “Stepford Wives” territory surrounded by a sea of Mercedes, BMW’s, Land Rovers and Teslas. We measure our successes a bit differently.

The Bay:
Well, it will still be here when we get back, and we promise to visit at least once over the summer season.

Awesome Boat Family:
Isn’t funny how you always connect with folks right before you leave? At least I have found that to be the case in my life. Luckily, said awesome boat family will still be in the Bay Area when we return, and they just so happen to live in our new neighborhood. And even so, we are planning on having a couple of adventures with them prior to our departure… Hopefully an Angel Island raft up night and a camping trip at Point Reyes NS. Fingers crossed.

Learning to Sail:
Well, in a strange turn of events, I am going to trade the San Francisco Bay for Lake Mead. Sailing lessons are sailing lessons right? It’s ok, go ahead and chuckle. I know that I am. We also are setting up a private lesson with some highly certified boat captain dude to come spend the day with us (sans Ruby) on Gone Tomorrow during our mid summer SF Visit. Anchoring tips? Bring it on!

Las Vegas:
What can I say? An unforeseen, incredible opportunity that we just couldn’t turn down fell into our laps. Some friends of ours started a tour company in the LV area, Bindlestiff Tours, and we are going to work with them for the high season. We are returning to the desert, a place near and dear to our hearts for our tight little tribe! Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce… You are calling our name.

Today was a great day. We celebrated a new year for JD and all the possibilities that lay ahead.

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