Post 27: Transition & Priorities


The last several weeks have been full on.  We’ve had a lot to do to get the boat in a suitable condition to be left alone for five to six months and our personal and business lives in order to prepare for the move to Las Vegas.  It’s really late here now but I don’t want to forget the feelings I’ve had leading up to our trip into the Mojave Desert.


Jen cleaning the chilly bin.


Ruby helping us calculate mileage for the trip.


I completed my thirteen week US Coast Guard Auxilliary Course and test on our last day in town.  It was a fantastic class taught by some very experienced mariners. Loved it! Missed one question on the final exam.

Mysteriously lost photo of Ruby & Brad should go here…

We finished off our time in the area with our dear friend Brad.  We’re going to miss you and your family this summer!


We drove until well into the night so that Ruby would be able to sleep for much of the journey.  She slept well and made sure her beloved Sherpa Sheep was comfortable and cozy for the ride.


Tomatoes in the grass at East Brundage & Oswell.


I saw a brown sign pointing toward the Cesar Chavez Memorial and decided to add a visit into our trip.  It was a great stop; informative and inspirational.  The girls loved it and we got Ruby another stamp for her ‘Passport’ in the process.


Then came the Carrot in the Desert Dance 58 Miles out of Barstow.  Ruby loved the rocks, the wind, the plants and even the trash.  I told her it was “bluawck” and made the sign for yucky.  She mimicked me.


Next random stop was the Borax, “20 Mule Team” Visitor Center.  Wow!  What a great place, full of history and a cool story in the middle of nowhere.  We use Borax to help clean our holding tank in the sailboat.  So a big thanks to Brittany of Windtraveler for pointing us toward the product in her entertaining post, and ultimately, leading us to stop at this cool spot.


Ruby & “The 20 Mule Team.”  Learn more about them here.  Thanks again Brittany & Scott!


The Borax Queen!


We had a blast in this gigantic tire for a long while.

Coming out of the bay area and heading into the desert for our next adventure was an exhilarating experience.  As weird as it seems to so many people that we would be moving to Las Vegas, I feel so great about having the opportunity to share my love of the desert and the southwest with my daughter and I know for a fact that Jen feels the same way.  As we headed up into the Mojave I told Jen that this place holds a very special place in my heart.  She concurred and it spawned an excellent conversation about some of our life goals and how we’d like to sail for much of the year and also spend some time in a little out-of-the-way rustic, artsy southwest adobe/cabin that we’ve built, running our not-yet-in-existance-but-on-the-verge businesses.  Man aren’t dreams and goals amazing!  They are limitless and I am so absolutely thankful that I am surrounded by people who help me believe they can and will become reality.  It’s all about prioritization and putting all of our past experiences to work for us.

One thought on “Post 27: Transition & Priorities

  1. Love it Joe. Glad you are having the best of both worlds. Really enjoyed the pics of Ruby!! Keep on dreaming baby and soon it will all be reality.
    Love ya, Mom


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