Post 28: The Heat is On


Vegas, baby! Everyone keeps asking how we are liking the heat. Yes, it is quite the transition from the natural air conditioning that is the SF Bay to the strong desert wind that is reminiscent of a hair drier. Isn’t a breeze supposed to be refreshing?


In response to the heat query, I’d like to say, bring it on. Yes it’s almost 10 pm and it’s still 99 degrees out, but I love knowing without a doubt that it is summertime. And there’s also the fact that unlike Gone Tomorrow our condo does have AC and an ice maker.

While JD has been out gallivanting around the west, bringing in the bacon, Ruby and I have been keeping ourselves busy by exploring our surroundings with friends and family, some that live here and others that have dropped in for a visit.

20140609-215458-78898711.jpg An evening at Tao in the Venetian with my Aunt and Uncle who were in town celebrating a friend’s 70th birthday.

20140609-215458-78898117.jpg Spending time with Corinne and the girls at the Summerlin Farmer’s Market before their big move to North Carolina.




Meeting Jackson the Red Rock Canyon Burro and his buddy David with the memorable Vicki M. and unmistakable Devon B.



20140609-220751-79671262.jpg Hiking to Mary Jane Falls on Mt. Charleston with my roomy, Jennie, and the Bindlestiff mastermind, Rachel. The temperature difference was impressive from the valley to the top of the hike. Notice the long sleeves!

20140609-221134-79894576.jpg Uncle Dave, airline pilot extraordinaire, just happened to have a lay over here in Sin City. He was excited to meet Ruby for the first time. It was good for him to practice holding a baby again as he has twins on the way!





20140609-222310-80590352.jpg Grandma, Grandpa, Jeff and Karen came for a visit too. It was a fun filled week for Ruby Roo with lots of swimming and a visit to the Bellagio among a few things.




20140609-222701-80821121.jpg Swimming pools, water fountains and sun protection are the name of the game out here in Vegas.

We were also able to squeeze in a camping trip to Lake Mojave with the Bindlestiff gang. It’s amazing that we have only been here for one month. We are missing the boat, but I feel that we are spending our time away from home wisely. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for month two.

Can you handle the heat??? Why, yes we can.

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