Post 32: Family Road Trippin’ (part dos)


Here’s me playing a bit of catch up…  while living in Las Vegas over the past summer, we took a road trip back to SF to spend a bit of time on the Bay.  It was so amazing, I want to make sure to record a bit of it on the blog (even if I’m 6 months late).  If interested in the full story, check out Post 30.


Do you know that feeling of arriving home after an extended time away?  You have a big grin and a relaxed, radiating feeling throughout.  That was JD and I as we drove through Emeryville and down the road leading to our marina with a sweeping view of the Bay Bridge, the SF skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge.  I can’t complain about having such an iconic view to welcome us back to s/v Gone Tomorrow.


After some quick checks and a bit of loving, our sailboat was ready to go. A few friends hopped on board, and we headed out to explore the Bay.  A few firsts:

  • Checking out Pier 1 1/2 near the Ferry Building
  • Successful overnight anchoring at Paradise Cove
  • Docking in Tiburon for a quick beverage at Sam’s Anchor Cafe

In an effort to be brief, I won’t go on and on about the firsts… but I do want to remember how nerve wracking it can be to do something for the first time.  Will that nervous feeling ever go away when it comes to finding a place we’ve never been to from the water?  Land marks just don’t seem so obvious from the boat looking towards land.  Looking forward to having more experience under our belt!

On the boat again.
Leah & JD successfully dropping the anchor.
Sunset dinner and drinks while on the hook.
Ruby on a mission. Checking out the town of Tiburon.

Sweet success!  I can’t wait to get out and do more overnight trips around the Bay… before making our way under the Golden Gate to explore some of the CA coast.

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