Post 33: Out With the Old


New job, new schedule and an old, broken prop…  We were heading out for our first sail since moving back to the Bay.  We were in the channel when –clung, klug, shudder, shudder– part of the prop broke off.  What to do?  Call for a tow (yes), throw up the jib (yes), head back into the marina under sail power (yes)?  We ended up sailing into our slip (yes!) and canceling the tow. Thus the first sail in 2015 is yet to be realized.  Bit of a bummer? Most definitely.

We might not be out sailing at the moment due to all of the above, but we are still having fun with our land locked adventures.

The new job is going well, a new family Google calendar has been created to help with our schedule and our new prop has been ordered. Hopefully the water based adventures aren’t too far off!

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