Post 35: Out of the Gate


Yes, yippee, yoweeee!  Happy 2015 to us, finally.  The new prop is on, and we made it out for our inaugural sail of the year.  We brought along our friends Rachel and Khriss from Bindlestiff Tours to witness our monumental (for us) first sail under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ruby showing Rachel how to have "one hand for the boat."
Ruby showing Rachel how to have “one hand for the boat.”

Our first stop was Angel Island, where we had a nice BBQ.  Next up, we headed through Raccoon Straights toward the Mighty Golden Gate.  Luckily the winds weren’t too crazy, and the tides were just right.

It's official!  We are on the other side of the GG Bridge.
It’s official! We are on the other side of the GG Bridge.
Big grins all around.
Big grins all around.

JD had the honor of sailing us out under the bridge.  Although you can’t tell in the photos, there were some decent sized (to us) waves… and Ruby slept through it all tucked up in the v-berth.

As we were sailing out towards the Pacific Ocean, I couldn’t help but think about San Francisco’s colorful history and the infamous Shanghai Kelly.  Can you imagine sitting down for a drink on the SF waterfront only to wake up on a ship headed to China?  Me thinks not.  Lucky for his crew, JD made a u-turn and we headed back the way we came from.

Jen Under Bridge
Jen heading back towards San Francisco.

I brought us back in under the bridge.  It was a fine first experience.  We definitely didn’t do everything perfectly, but it was a great learning experience.  I mean, wow, those currents are crazy, the wind is ever-changing, container ships are HUGE and the 5 foot waves probably seemed bigger than they should.

I can’t wait to get out there and give it another go.

A special thanks to Rachel and Khriss for not only trusting us with their lives but also for photographing the experience.  Cheers guys!

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