Post 38: So This Happened


We went out for a quick sail last Sunday. The wind was really blowing (and by really blowing, I have no idea how much as we don’t own that particular instrument). JD successfully put in a double reef while I pointed us into the wind with the main sail whipping around angrily.

The plan was to show our friend Susan a good time as she has never been sailing on a monohull before. We did a loop around Treasure Island and checked out the Bay Bridge from a new angle for Susan as she pretty much drives over it daily.  We received a nice reprieve from the wind on the back side of the island.  It’s pretty awesome to experience how different the wind can be on one side to the other.

Out sailing with Susan & Leah

When we’d made our little loop and passed back under the Bay Bridge, JD turned on the engine, and Leah and I began flaking the main. The sail was about half way down when the engine quit.

Hmmm.  So, the main went back up.

First my thought was that we were out of diesel.  The gauge still read 1/4 a tank, but the needle was moving around quite a bit  We’ve only filled the tank once in the year plus that we’ve owned the boat, so it’s probably about time.

We debated sailing back into the marina. We’ve successfully entered under sail power before with light winds, but in no way, shape or form were the winds light.  Our slip faces down wind, which means it’s much more difficult to stop without an engine.

Emeryville, aka Home

We opted for the easier adventure.  The decision was made to call Boat US  and be towed back to our slip. We have a membership and might as well put it to good use.  So we sailed in circles practicing jibing until help arrived.

Headed Home

We were pushed safely back into our slip.  All’s well that ends well, and I’m pretty sure Susan had an interesting first time on our boat.  Now we just have to add diesel, bleed air from our diesel lines and, fingers crossed, start the engine.

And to end with a phrase that I’m trying to delete from my repertoire when it comes to sailing:

This should be easy, right?

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