Post 39: There’s a First Time for Everything


One of the things I love about learning to sail is that there are a plethora of firsts to experience.  Some are not as much fun as others.  For example, I gave my first gift to Neptune last week– my keys.  Have no fear, our diver saved the day and rescued them while he was cleaning the bottom of our boat.

Then there are those first experiences where one event trickles down to several other new experiences:

  • First time to run out of diesel
  • First time to be towed back to our dock
  • First time to bleed the diesel lines (success!)

Then there are just the common, everyday activities that I’m still mastering.  One of my goals for the year is to feel fully competent at docking.  JD is proving to be a patient teacher.  I have now accomplished the following:

  • First time to reverse the boat out of our slip.
  • First time to pull the boat back into the slip in no wind– went great!
  • First time to pull the boat back into the slip with quite a bit of wind– not so great!
  • First time to side dock at the pump out station.
Jen at the helm while JD bangs on the starter.

And then there are the incredible amount of adventures we can experience right here in the SF Bay.  This past weekend we anchored out at Aquatic Park for the first time.  JD, Ruby and I sailed over on Saturday in 20 kts of wind with choppy water.  We love having friends aboard, but it was nice to have the cockpit to ourselves while handling the wind and waves.  We really need to do some maintenance on our sails and halyards.  The system JD has rigged up to reef our main is pretty shoddy and the sail is taking a bit of a beating.

Super cool reefing system with Alcatraz in the background

We had a great time at Aquatic Park and enjoyed rowing our dinghy Chloride back and forth.  We did discover that little Chloride is not meant to carry more than two adults and a toddler though.  Ruby loved checking out the sea lions at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Entrance to Aquatic Park

Bacon & Eggs with a view

As we headed back towards the east bay, I reminisced with JD about our first sail ever on Gone Tomorrow.  Before sailing our own boat, I had only been on a catamaran in the Bay, so heeling was a terrifying and unnatural feeling.  I remember questioning if I would ever feel comfortable with it.  As it turns out after a year and a half, it feels completely normal now.  It would have been nice have a glimpse of us sailing around the Bay back in November 2013 when we purchased the boat.

I can’t even imagine what we’ll be up to in another year and a half and how many firsts we will have experienced along the way.

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