Post 40- The Growing Wish List


I had a wonderful Mother’s Day with my little tribe. A nice bike ride to get a delicious brunch sprinkled with a couple of really thoughtful presents. 

When we returned to the marina from our outing, a fellow boat mom was trying out her new Mother’s Day toy- an inflatable stand up paddle board. I borrowed someone else’s SUP and paddled around the marina and out past the breakwater with her.  

Exploring our Neighborhood on Krista’s SUP

Ruby even hopped on the front for a bit, wearing her boat coat of course. She loved chilling on the board with her fingers gliding through the water. 


Lara on her new pink SUP. Ruby & Jen in background.
I. Loved. It.  

Thou shall not covet thy fellow sailer’s Mother’s Day gift, but I sure can add a stand up paddle board to my ever growing wish list of items “needed” for our aquatic life. 

2 thoughts on “Post 40- The Growing Wish List

  1. Nice picture on the paddle board!

    I gave my wife a new outhaul for Mother’ s Day. After that we had our own VOR on the water, that doesn’t sound very romantic to many people, but it was a lot of fun!

    And Heleen was very happy with the gift!


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