Post 43: Ditto


I love the way JD writes; he depicted our Petaluma adventure so well.  All I need to say for my two cents is “ditto.”

Rather than writing more words, I am adding a quick video recap and some pictures to our Petaluma story.  You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  I used Magisto on my iPhone to do all of my video editing.  It’s pretty rad; you just pick ten pics, ten videos, choose a theme, add some music, and voila…


And now for the photos…

Heading Out of the Emeryville Channel in the Early Morning
Heading Towards the Berkeley Pier– Our Meeting Place
S/V Shawnigan & S/V Sierra– Right on Time!
Enjoying the View of the Petaluma River
The 101 Bridge in South Petaluma
Draw Bridge in the Distance
Our friend’s office overlooks the drawbridge. Thanks for the amazing welcome and the picture, Ashley!
Entering the Petaluma Turning Basin
Sweet Success and a Nice Sunset to Boot.
Exploring Petaluma by Bike.
JD & Ruby Get Down at the Car Show
And We’re Off! Petaluma, Thanks for a Great Time!
Sailing in San Pablo Bay with S/V Shawnigan & S/V Sierra.
Heading Our Separate Ways– Ruby “Watches” as Our Buddies Head in a Different Direction.

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