Post 45: Monday Night


I’m sitting in the cockpit tonight, listening. It’s a pretty calm night and there’s no halyards thwaping any nearby masts, no high winds whistling through the marina, just a lot of calm, very pleasant, ‘boat noises’. There’s something so aesthetically pleasing, to me, about a marina and about the beautiful boats that are here, that I just can’t imagine not wanting to be a part of. I love it.

However, the ocean is calling us. We decided to head out to Clipper Cove last night to sleep on the chain. We sailed in around 6pm, set anchor and made our way forward with a couple of mimosas. It was so nice to get out with Jen and Ruby to shake off two weeks worth of work travel and really be with them again. The sun was shining, the temperature was warm and Ruby was crawling all over me like a dern monkey, when we noticed someone paddling out in a dinghy toward one of the other sailboats that was anchored nearby. He got pretty close to his boat, then looked toward us and turned our way.


Geoff’s dinghy Diva and the Bay Bridge
A few mimosas later and we had figured out our next adventure, got invited to floating wedding, learned a few things about how remote Alaskan’s get supplies in the summer and felt even more intertwined into this amazing boat culture that exists here in the bay area, and all over the world, I surmise. 

We slept great, woke to various, rotating views as the boat swund around on the hook, made some coffee and sailed toward Pier 1.5 to pick up some friends. So glad to be here, doing what I’m doing.

Putting the Sail Cover back on the Main

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