Post 46: Enjoying This Moment


Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in the mundane yet challenging aspects of daily life.  For example, my mind might start wandering down a path like this:

I live on a small boat with a toddler where it’s cold, windy and foggy.  I cannot believe the amount of dishes that a two and a half year old uses throughout the day.  I’m tired of hand washing them, and dang it I need sunshine.  JD is super busy with work, the holding tank is full and I still don’t feel comfortable going to pump out on my own.

When this happens, I find the best thing to do is shake things up and to go out on an adventure.  We are living an incredible life that is outside of the box, and I love it.  I just have to gently remind myself of that fact on occasion.  I’m happy with our path and where we live.  Since JD was going to be gone on business for about 2 weeks and as I’m nowhere near comfortable (yet) taking the boat out by myself, I figured I needed to plan an off water excursion.

To quote the great John Muir, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

Off to Yosemite National Park

So go we did… to Yosemite National Park.  Another mama and toddler joined in the camping fun.  It was great to have an all female trip up into the Sierras.  Sleeping in a tent with Ruby is one of my favorite things; I love waking up next to my smiling little munchkin.

Sleeping in a Tent is the Best

We explored the valley with the goal of finding waterfalls and rainbows.  Due to the crazy drought here in California, I was a bit worried.  Luckily, the falls still looked amazing, and the Mist Trail did not disappoint with plenty of rainbows to be spotted on our way up the trail.

Hiking the Mist Trail with Two Toddlers

God I love that park, and it was incredible to share that with my daughter.  Hiking up the stairs of the Mist Trail, Ruby couldn’t wait to get to the top, and upon our arrival as we were looking out over Yosemite Valley with Vernal Falls flowing beside us, Ruby said, “I miss daddy.”  What a great moment.  I sure do love my little sentimental adventurer.

Top of Vernal Falls

I wouldn’t describe the Mist Trail as a gentle hike, but it definitely served as a reminder to enjoy the moment.  This time in our lives won’t last forever.  While it is fun to focus on our goals, to dream about sailing to far off lands, I sure as heck want to enjoy the journey as we are getting there.

Escaping for a few days to the Sierras was just what I needed.  I can’t wait until the entirety of our little tribe can head off to the wilderness for a little backpacking and hiking.

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