Post 47: 24 Hour Adventure


Since our little tribe has returned to S/V Gone Tomorrow (Ruby and me from Yosemite and JD from Orlando), it has been a bit hectic.  JD is working MUCHO; I can’t remember the last time we had 2 whole days to spend together as a family.  Weekend, what??  It’s amazing how rejuvenating a night away from the dock can be, so we decided to take advantage of a 24 hour adventure window.

On Friday, JD got back from work around 7:30 pm.  As it’s so close to the Summer Solstice, the sun isn’t setting until about 8:30.   I had the boat prepped and ready to go; all we had to do was unplug from the dock, throw off the bowlines and head over to Treasure Island.

S/V Shawnigan was expecting our arrival.  We rafted up on their port side and took in the scene that was unfolding around us.  It just so happened that the Summer Sailstice from the Washed Up Yacht Club was going down.  Talk about a party.  This raft up included two boat weddings, tiki torches, a floating dance floor and trampoline as well as a booming sound system.  As our new friend Heather from A Fine Day for Sailing said, “Who needs TV when you can watch this?”   We hung out in Shawnigan’s cozy, covered center cockpit and watched the shenanigans taking place around us.

The Beginning of The Washed Up Yacht Club’s Raft Up

We hopped back on Gone Tomorrow at around midnight while the music was still going strong.  The bass from the music traveled across the water and could be heard clearly inside our boat.  JD and I threw our own impromptu dance party  before climbing into bed in the aft cabin.  The music went strong for several more hours, and my dreams were permeated with random bass lines throughout the night.

Enjoying our Saturday Morning

The morning brought a relaxing pace of coffee drinking and chatting.  It is so nice to find such a wonderful sailing community here in the Bay Area.  Each person we have met has their own story to tell and interesting tidbits of knowledge to share with our little tribe.  Since we are learning by doing, I appreciate the fine folks that have a deep understanding of sailing and are willing to share their insights without judgement.

Having Fun with Bjork the Canoe

Eventually the time came to pull up the anchor and head out for a few hours of sailing.

S/V Shawnigan heads to Sausalito

Once we left Clipper Cove, we realized how hard the wind was blowing.  There were little white caps across the bay, and when I checked the weather forecast I figured out that there was a small craft advisory.  I have to admit that I felt a little “bleh” as we beat into the wind.  It was a great lesson to truly learn the difference in how it feels to sail into the wind versus to sail downwind.  As soon we turned the boat around to head back towards the marina, everything felt a wee bit calmer and a whole lot more manageable.  My “bleh” feeling turned into a pretty darn big grin as I steered us home with gusts up to 35 knots.

Hang on!  Dressed for Success in my PJ’s.

JD and I have decided it’s time to step it up on the learning front.  We feel like we are managing just fine, but it’s time to gain some more knowledge.  We chatted about how to do this while sailing back to the harbor as we don’t quite have the cash flow to throw down on sailing lessons at the moment.  Instead we are going to start by reading nightly the plethora of sailing books we have on board, bit by bit, one chapter at a time. We’ll either learn something or help ourselves fall asleep easier.

Time will tell.  Man overboard drills, here we come.

5 thoughts on “Post 47: 24 Hour Adventure

  1. LOVE the photos, especially the last two. My friends on SY Pitufa ( taught themselves ‘everything they needed to know about sailing’ from reading books and have managed to sail from Europe to Tahiti, so it can be done. Living on a boat, asking others and ‘just getting out there’ as you are doing also helps :-). You’ll be fine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. Thank you so much; it really means a lot especially coming from someone who is really out there following the sailing dream. I’ll definitely check out SY Pitufa. It’ll be nice to read up on someone else who also got a late start on learning to sail. Sometimes there just seems like there is an overwhelming amount to learn!! And other days, being out on the water, it feels just about perfect. 🙂 Your encouragement is much appreciated.


      1. Anytime 🙂 You’ll find that you never stop learning. When I finished my Yachtmaster training program my first thought was ‘okay, now I am ready to learn how to sail’ Compared to The Captain, I am absolutely CLUELESS. Anyhow, looking forward to following your adventure and watching you ‘live the dream’.


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