Post 50: Family Liveaboard – Our First Full Year



I slid open the companionway glass tonight at about 11:15, stepped down into the quiet, dimly lit boat and looked for signs of an awake female. There weren’t any. Both of the girls were sleeping. Jen usually stirs and says hi if she’s awake when I get home late. She didn’t. I walked over to Ruby’s quarters and looked inside to see my baby girl sprawled out, holding her favorite friends, ‘Baby G’ and ‘Little John’ in her arms.

I love living here in these tight quarters with these girls. We’ve been at it for just over a year straight now and I don’t really care to imagine a better place to call home. I don’t mean the San Francisco Bay exactly, at least not forever, but for the past year and for right now, this suits me just fine! It’s been a great home, full of visits from friends and family, lessons about life’s ups and downs, the gives and takes in nature and in relationships, how to avoid scurvy, and a lot about boating.

Happy hour at the dock.
Happy hour at the dock.
Our first year included things like removing and applying decals, anchoring, tangling and untangling lines, replacing bilge pumps, replacing portlights, sourcing coolant leaks that turn out to be the cause of a mysterious and alarming engine buzzer, then realizing the $1500 in engine maintenance I paid for in Marina del Rey included the replacement of only the hoses we could see, and NOT the hoses we couldn’t. Sneaky bastards! So, we replaced and ran 25 feet of new hose from the engine, under the floorboard, to the hot water heater under the port side settee. We re-ran all of the mainsail and reefing lines and learned just how amazing and quick reefing the main can be. We navigated a river with a toll bridge, rafted up to buddy boats several times, faked pooping in a bucket to break up a fight and most recently, installed a radar so we can feel comfortable venturing further out of the bay on future journeys.

Petaluma Turning Basin
Petaluma Turning Basin
It was a fantastic first year living aboard and it has us itching for more adventure outside of the bay!

So what does 2016 have in store for the crew of S/V Gone Tomorrow? I hope a lot more sailing, a lot more friends, family and lessons to learn. I think I’ll stop right there because that’s really all we need. No, we need money. Let’s hope our hard work keeps paying off for us in that respect too!

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