Post 51: Solid Foundations – Boats, Business & the Baby Girl


We’ve been busy. Jen got a job working on boats at the Berkeley Marine Center and Ruby has just completed her first week of Preschool. Those two things alone have felt like some pretty big pages to turn. Jen’s been taking care of Ruby full time, squeezing in time to build the foundation of our eCommerce business every chance she could for the last two years while I’ve been working on solidifying our teams and processes at the growing travel company that I manage in San Francisco while fitting as much quality daddy and husband time in as possible too. We haven’t posted anything on the blog recently but have been starting to focus on our Instagram, Facebook & YouTube accounts as well as getting out and about when we can to climb, camp and sail. We’ve got some fun footage of our trips over the last year, we just have to make time to get it edited. I need more time! Actually, more discipline is what I really need.

We just spent a full week in New Orleans last month promoting the businesses, eating too damn much amazing Creole food and partying it up at travel industry events with old friends and new. I was there for the company I manage and Jen was there for Remember the Adventure. Jen’s Mom, in Memphis and my parents, in Kentucky, split the time between themselves to help take care of Ruby. She also got to spend some quality time with her cousins on this trip. Huge thanks out to all of them for the support! Since I wasn’t there I don’t have any pics but I know she had a blast. And in case he’s reading, yes Grumpa Bruce, we’re coming to Minnesota to see you this year too!

I didn’t really know what I would title this post when I started. It seems pretty obvious though, that so much of what we’re doing right now is building foundations. It’s really cool that we go through so many stages in life thinking we’re learning so much, yet, around every corner there seems to be more lessons, more to add onto what is already there, more stimulation, more to explore.

In actuality I began writing this post to announce a new promotional video that some friends shot for us while we were out sailing on the Bay a few months back. Krista finished up the final edit recently and we’re really thankful to her for the work she put into it. But alas, I got carried away. It deserves it’s own post.

Coming soon! – Remember the Adventure – Sailing Division – Online Gear Shop Contest

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