Post 52: Double Down


Last year, we spent 29 days out and about in the Bay Area from the San Joaquin River in the Delta to spending our first night outside of the Golden Gate in Half Moon Bay. All said and done, 2016 was pretty great, but we have goals for you 2017. We want to double our sailing days this year… bring on 60 days away from the dock!

Passing by Angel Island

JD is still working his butt off at a tour company in San Francisco, and I’m sweating my days away at Berkeley Marine Center as a boat builder, so we are going to have to take advantage of any free time we have.

Thoughts on how to make 60 days on the water possible:

1 – Keep the boat in near sailing condition, always.

2 – Take advantage of longer days and sail after work. Night sailing!

3 – Weekend trips around the Bay, every chance we get.

4 – Friday Night Beer Can races on S/V Spirit.

5- Plan another week long sailing trip for 2017.


Golden Gate Bridge | Last Sunset of 2016


JD built a handy spreadsheet for us to keep track of our time out on the water. Eventually we’ll use this information when we get our Captain’s licenses, but for now, it’s a great way to measure our accomplishments. Compared to 2016, we’re not doing too shabby. By this time last year, we’d been out a mere one time compared to 5 times in 2017.

New Year’s Eve Anchorage | Horseshoe Cove

Kicking the year off anchored out underneath the Golden Gate Bridge was a phenomenal start. We could see the fireworks over the Bay Bridge all the way from Horseshoe Cove by Fort Baker. The next morning, we headed for Ayala Cove at Angel Island and hiked to the top of Mt. Livermore. I’m looking forward to many more “mini” adventures this year.

Good Morning 2017!
Healthy Way to Start the Year | Angel Island Hike
Smells Like Team Spirit | Top of Mt. Livermore

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What a journey! We met at the Grand Canyon, when we were both Adventure Tour Leaders, had a wedding in a Blues Museum in Memphis, then along came little Ruby. We can't tell you how many times we were told we'd have to settle down. Even though things did indeed change, we're determined to keep on living a life of adventure! Our daughter was one year old when we first got into this sailing world and we feel very fortunate to be raising her in such a supportive environment. From moving aboard our first sailboat to our first haulout, to mechanical issues and dragging anchor far up a river, we're sharing our story and learning a lot in the process. The places we've been able to go so far on our boat have been great, but it's the people we're surrounded by who really make it amazing. We love this tight little tribe of nautical adventurers. Come join us!

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