Mini Video Introduction | Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series

Hello Tribe!

As some of you have seen already from our Instagram or Facebook posts, we’ve begun to upload some videos to our YouTube Channel. We’re excited to share what we’re learning about life aboard our 37.5 Hunter Legend Sailboat. Learning to shoot and edit videos has been a lot of fun as well. This first one is a short, rough intro that we’ll likely end up changing down the road as we develop our skills but I wanted to share it nonetheless. We’ll be sharing some ‘behind the scenes’ info here on our blog as we upload our videos. A quick word about that – We try to be careful not to inundate our personal Facebook Pages with copious amounts of ‘sailing’ stuff because we met a majority of our friends on there before sailing was as big a part of our lives. We figure if people want to join our family on this aspect of our lives we have Instagram, where we’ll document our lives in pictures and short clips and our Tight Little Tribe Facebook Page where we’ll share snippets of information about our current status and our Webpage and Blog, where we’ll write in more depth about what’s happening…and other random things. So with that said, thank you for being here!

Without further ado, here’s our Mini Video Introduction.

In 2013 we were at a crossroads in life, it was time to buy the sailboat we’d been talking about for years! It’s still hard to believe we actually did it. We had a new daughter, a ton of crap to get rid of and we didn’t know a thing about sailing but knew we would love life on the water, travelling, learning, sipping drinks, hanging with good friends and raising our little girl in an adventurous, unique way. We’ve done most of that and a lot more.

This video is a quick intro. We’re going to document the lessons learned, the fun times, the tough times, the costs, the benefits, the people we meet and the places that we discover around the San Francisco Bay and beyond! Welcome aboard!

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