They Say There’s Two Kinds of Sailors… |Ep. 2| Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series

When we started to tell people we were headed out of San Francisco Bay, up into the Delta, I can’t tell you how many times I heard; ‘You know, there’s two kinds of sailors – Those who’ve run aground and those who will.’ Another rendition was, ‘ Well, there’s three kinds of sailors, you know that right?’ Not waiting for my answer, ‘There’s those who have run aground, those who will run aground, and those that are lyin’ about it!’

We had no doubts that all of the above was true, but we didn’t let that stop us from untying our lines and exploring those shallow waters of the San Joaquin and Sacramento River’s ourselves.

Yes, the time had come for the Tight Little Tribe to set sail on our first real exploration in our 1988 Hunter Legend 37, SV Gone Tomorrow! We finally had some free time and decided to sail toward the sun. We pointed our sailboat North from the San Francisco Bay, through the San Pablo Bay to go cruising up the California Delta.

Our sailboat was well prepped and we were very excited to explore new territory. This was our longest sailing trip to date so we spent a good amount of time preparing the boat and awaiting the first day of the adventure, which was scheduled to last around 9 days.

We set out under overcast sky’s.
The sun poked out as we rounded the corner up through Carquinez Strait.
The Delta held plenty of interesting sites for us.
20160929_144344 (3).jpg
Happy Gals!

But our excitement turned to anxiety and a bit of frustration toward the end of day one as the Delta had a few valuable lessons to teach us. We found ourselves aground (very softly thank goodness!) and questioning the best method to get out of the mud.

So you can probably guess which kind of sailors we are now right?

A well deserved sunset after a long first day!

Come aboard to see how we got out of our sticky situation and stay tuned to the end see a preview of the next episode! 

Oh, and please share your stories in the YouTube comments section if you’ve ever run aground…or if you’ve never run aground! Ha!

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Music by:
-Random Things – Joakim Karud
-Twerk – Joakim Karud
-‘Adventures’ by A Himitsu on Spotify
(@argofox & @a-himitsu)
-Journey by Jay Hifive & Broken Elegance
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Thanks for watching!
JD, Jen & Ruby
Tight Little Tribe Sailing & Travel

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