3 Problems We’ll Fix to Improve our Sailing Videos

Recently, Jen, Ruby and I packed our bags and hopped on a jet plane toward the Great Smoky Mountains for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Yeah, Mom & Dad, good job! Y’all

Cabin in the Smoky Mountains
Cabin in the Smoky’s


In between the games of pool, the giant shrimp boil, hikes along the streams and dance recitals from the little’s, the subject of our YouTube sailing videos came up.


For the most part the conversation about our vids was congratulatory and encouraging but we did ask for some feedback and feel like we got some honest, useful info to share.

Parts of what we learned did make me cringe inside, but I know it was coming from a good place and will ultimately help us do a better job of creating and sharing our lives on the water.

The First Problem – Multi Platform Confusion

Dad mentioned that when we put a video out on multiple platforms it was a bit confusing to know if he’s already seen it or not.

An Explanation – I’ve been trying to figure out how to get this blog caught up with our YouTube channel, so I’ve been writing a descriptive blog entry for each of our videos after they’d already been shared on Facebook. But having the blog set up to automatically post to the Tight Little Tribe Facebook page and Twitter simultaneously led to people opening up a video that they had already seen. Uhg! I fear, quite frankly, that it all looked pretty spammy.

I’m embarrassed to have been bombarding people this way. Gross. And Sorry!

Solution to Multi-Platform Confusion – I have been studying best practices on releasing information across social channels and will make a concerted effort to be very clear if I am posting a video that has already been released elsewhere.

Second Problem – Terrible YouTube Profile Image

It was terribly distorted

Ha, it actually doesn’t look so bad in this format but I think mom actually was offended with this one. Mostly because Ruby was distorted and Jen and I just looked like little stretched out blobs on the side of the image. I have to admit, it was terrible looking. The funny thing is, when I went to change the image on YouTube, it can take a while for it to actually process…like days! By the time I saw how bad it was I was headed out of service and really had no way to correct the problem for a couple of weeks. Funny stuff.

Solution to the Bad Profile Pic – Easy, I’ve changed our Profile Image back to our logo. However, this has made me realize we need to focus on fun shots of all three of us together. If we get the right shot I think I will consider changing it to a fun family shot rather than just the picture of our logo.

Third Problem – Vague Intro

To add to the confusion of our first problem mentioned above, we’ve started out all of our videos with the same intro, which evidently, people didn’t always recognize as such. So again, they thought they’d already seen the video and admitted that they may have accidentally clicked out of some of them early.

I do know that it’s probable that many people who are more familiar with watching other series on YouTube may more readily recognize an intro, may be used to paying closer attention to the titles and be more privy to tools like the little red ‘watched’ line within the platform. However, there are new users to YouTube every day, so I want to make sure to make it as easy as possible for them.

Solution to the Vague Intro – (Well, actually a question) – This is a little bit of a tricky one. Should I shorten it, change it up to be more recognizable as an intro somehow, or just do away with it entirely?

Jen and I were very appreciative of all the feedback and had an absolute blast seeing our families! We’ve put a lot of time and effort into learning how to edit, capture better footage and then get it out there on all the different forms of social. I’m hoping that these small changes will help. You know when your own family is having problems watching your video’s something has to change!

Most of the crew out on the trail before a dip in the stream.
Thank you all for the likes, the comments and the shares. We’re already almost  halfway to the important milestone of 10,000 YouTube views! That’s when the ad revenue starts pouring in by the truckload! Ha! No, really though, your support means so much to us and we appreciate you bearing with us and spreading the word. Thank you!

So for those of you who have experience with this, what articles, videos or tips can you point towards for social media strategy? And for those who just like watching our videos, do you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see more of?


3 thoughts on “3 Problems We’ll Fix to Improve our Sailing Videos

  1. You guys are fantastic and my spirit is lifted by your adventures. You truly live in the moment and take pleasure in life’s simple bounty: I absolutely love it. Ruby is the luckiest kid on the planet!!! (Pls adopt me…)

    Keep on keep in’ on and make no apologies to us, your fan base. We all WISH we were living your life, vague intros and all!!

    Best to you always!!
    K from defunct Trail Store, Louisville KY


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