Escape to Treasure Island – at Anchor in Clipper Cove, Where Boats Could Fly! | Ep. 6 | Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series

Happy Thursday Tribe!

In this video we head out into the sunset, literally. We escape to Treasure Island for a relaxing weekend at anchor in Clipper Cove, where boats could fly! Paddle boards, beach time, reading and rum! It also happened to be the last weekend of the month which means that the Treasure Island Flea was under way!




We’d never been to this art show before but we’d sailed past a month earlier and saw a great line up of food trucks, bars and heard live music playing. Of course we knew we needed to head back for an adventure!

Tight Little Tribe visits the Treasure Island Flea - A Bay Area Festival

Tight Little Tribe Visits Treasure Island Flea - A Bay Area Festival
Live Music at The Treasure Island Flea. If anyone can tell me who this is I would appreciate it! He was great!

Clipper Cove is actually one of our favorite places to escape to as it is a beautiful sail or only about a twenty minute motor over from our slip at Emery Cove. There is something really different about our mindset when we’re at anchor, out away from the dock. For one, we don’t have endless electricity or water. We’re forced to think about how much of both of those precious commodities we consume. We spend a lot less time online and more time laughing together and reading and playing in the sand. That’s the good stuff.

Tight Little Tribe - Escapes to Treasure Island  - At Anchor in Clipper Cove
Swinging at Anchor in Clipper Cove with a lantern hanging in the cockpit. Perfect!
Tight Little Tribe at Anchor in CLipper Cove at Treasure Island
Ruby & JD enjoying some ‘sun uppers’ while Mommy has a little sleep in.
Tight Little Tribe Sunset at Clipper Cove
Jen taking a break from her clarinet to enjoy the sunset at Clipper Cove.
Tight Little Tribe rows through Clipper Cove Anchorage
Rowing our dinghy back from the beach to grill some dinner.
Tight Little Tribe plays at the Beach at Clipper Cove on Treasure Island
Sand monster Ruby, living the life. She loves the beach!


There’s more to it than that though. A while back, Jen’s Great Uncle Robert told us some stories about the ‘Great Worlds Fair’ that was held on Treasure Island in 1939 and 1940. He told us it was the first time he’d seen a video camera work. His father was in one room and waved at the camera while he was in another and he could see him on the screen. He was overwhelmed with fascination. I came home and hopped online to find some absolutely amazing footage. I’ve included some of it in this episode.

I also found some footage that showed Clipper Cove in the 1940’s which revealed how it got it’s name. The founder of Pan American Airlines built boats that were made to fly from the US all the way across the Pacific Ocean. He named them Clipper Planes, in the hopes that people would associate them with the Clipper Ships that were well known to be the great ocean liners of the maritime world. I often sit in our cockpit and gaze out over the water imagining one of those giant, old planes revving it’s engines up for a take off across the Pacific, toward Hawaii. Crazy!

We also stumbled across a simple add which was run during the exposition that read, “Don’t Fail to Visit the Incubator Babies – On the Gayway – Kept alive in incubators. Worlds tiniest little babies born prematurely. Truly authentic – ethnically operated.” What TF?! As you can imagine, Jen gasped, got up from the table and stomped off. I too was shocked that this could have possibly been real and went straight to Google. This article from BBC titled, ‘How One Man Saved A Generation of Premature Babies’, tells a bit more of the story and explains things in more detail. Yikers!

There is so much more fascinating history about Treasure Island, Yerba Buena and Clipper Cove. If it’s interesting to you, go check out the Treasure Island Museum website.

We hope you enjoy this episode and would definitely appreciate a share. Thank you all for the nice comments as well. Super helpful and supportive!



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