Sailing in Fog to Drakes Bay |Ep. 7| Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series

We set out for our first time in heavy fog, so thick we couldn’t see the Golden Gate Bridge until we were directly beneath it! Living in the San Francisco Bay area, we knew we would eventually run into some serious fog but it was pretty nerve racking to say the least. To trust the GPS, the AIS app and our puny foghorn was a tough task.
It was hard not to second guess our decision to leave the dock on a foggy day but after we got through the worst of it, got used to reading our equipment and ended up in the beautiful sunny anchorage of Drakes Bay with nothing but blue sky above, we realized that it was probably better to have done it this way, by choice, rather than to have been caught off guard, having to come back to port in the fog without having felt prepared.

Here are a few helpful links below that we used to prepare ourselves for venturing out into the fog.

——-Excellent Article from Cruising World Magazine – How to Sail in Fog by Alvah Simon

——-Great write up of the San Francisco Bar/Four Fathom Bank (The Potato Patch) by Coast Side Fishing Club

——-Point Reyes National Seashore – Estero Restoration Project

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-Water Lapping Wind – YouTube Audio Library
-Sunday Plans – Silent Partner – YouTube Audio Library
-Ship Bell – YouTube Audio Library

Sail on you crazy diamond!

JD, Jen & Ruby
Tight Little Tribe Sailing

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