Blue Sea System, Blue Sea, Blue Sea Systems, Mastervolt, Yanmar, Yanmar 3HM35F, 3HM35F, Saiboat Wiring, Wiring Diagram, Battery Bank Diagram

New Battery Bank Install with Blue Sea Systems Switch and Blue Sea System ACR (Includes Video & Diagrams)

Three truths:

  • There’s something really therapeutic about heading out to anchor for the weekend, knowing we’ll be forced to disconnect from our cell phones, our laptops or iPads.
  • We love the feeling of the flickering, warm light from our lantern and that distinctive scent of the lamp oil it gives off.
  • But…when it’s time to head out there’s something about knowing your boat will start that just feels sooo good!
Messy battery bank. Spaghetti Factory! Group 27 Start Battery.
Out with the old. – Battery bank to be replaced.


Blue Sea System, Blue Sea, Blue Sea Systems, Mastervolt, Yanmar, Yanmar 3HM35F, 3HM35F, Saiboat Wiring, Wiring Diagram, Battery Bank Diagram
In with the new! – Complete Wiring Diagram of our new battery bank. Includes Blue Sea Systems Battery Switch (5511e), Blue Sea Systems ACR (7610), Mastervolt Powercharger 12/40-3 Battery Charger, and various other accessories.

We’d nursed our system along for over three years without much incident, but the time had come to replace our start battery and our house bank along with the power switch and battery charger in our sailboat.

The problem I ran into while doing the research for this common project however, is that every diagram, tutorial, video, book, or person that I went to seeking advice wasn’t able to provide the whole story for my specific set-up… So that’s why I built this video and the diagrams outlining the configurations I used to set up my system. Be warned! It is recommended that you consult with a professional marine electrician before performing any tasks contained in this video to ensure proper wiring, to prevent damage, injury, death or divorce!

The videos and diagrams outline the installation of the Blue Sea Systems Add-A-Battery Kit 120-A, which includes the Blue Sea System Battery Switch 5511e & Blue Sea Systems ACR 7610. I’ve also included installation diagrams showing how to connect to four 6 Volt golf cart style batteries, (connected in series and parallel), one group 31 start battery, a Marinco ChargePro Dual 10 Amp charger, and several other Blue Sea Systems products, wire, connectors and more to get the job done. As stated, the Blue Sea System Add-A-Battery Kit includes the Blue Sea Systems e-Series Dual Circuit Plus Switch (5511e) as well as the SI-ACR Automatic Charge Relay (7610). This device protects each battery bank from becoming over charged and the switch does away with the need to change positions from 1 to 2 or 1+2 or off. There are thousands of different opinions about why it is amazing or why it sucks! I liked the idea so I went with it.

The video above is the full version which not only includes the diagrams, but also some of the emotion that went into the project. Boatwork can be a bit messy and frustrating from time to time, but what an amazing feeling when a project comes together!

One thing I should mention is that many people may recommend a higher output Battery Charger than the 10 Amps that I originally chose when I released the video… with good reason! It ended up not being up for the job and I replaced it with the Mastervolt Powercharger 12/40-3. We’ve been very happy with how that’s been functioning.

If you happen to see anything in the diagram or video that you think should be done differently, or could be improved upon, please let me know in the comments section!

Until next time, happy boat work!


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