About The Tribe

We met at the Grand Canyon while leading road trip/camping adventures throughout North America. Leading tours made it difficult to be together as much as we wanted and neither were ready for desk jobs at the time so we decided to hit the road in an 18 wheeler. After one year in a big rig we got married in a Blues Museum in Memphis, Tennessee, traveled the world for a while, then were both offered lead management roles, that launched our current careers in tourism. In 2012, our daughter Ruby came into the picture. We’ve been told countless times that we’d have to grow up and settle down. But that deep love for travel and staying active is still strong and we’re determined to live life outside the box!

When Ruby turned 1 year old we moved out of the small cabin in Northern California that she was born in and moved aboard our first sailboat, a 1988 Hunter Legend 37.5, named Gone Tomorrow. Having traveled extensively in many types of vehicles from our Volkswagen Westafalia, to our KLR 650 dual sport motorcycles, to 18 wheelers and a 24 ft. RV, we felt like we’d be well suited for the sailing life. We were right; we are loving it!

Jen~ I want this blog to be many things. My life has been full of incredible experiences and people, and gosh darn it, I want to be able to remember and reminisce about this stuff when I’m old(er) and gray(er). So, I’m pledging to write it down. Above that, I would also like to address some questions and advice that I have been given throughout my life – all those phrases like ‘do it while you’re young’ and ‘do before you have kids’ or even better ‘now that you have a baby, you’re going to have to settle down’ – I want to strive towards making daily life an adventure no matter my age or parental status.

So yes, this blog will be about learning to sail and all the adventures that go hand in hand with it, but it will also be peppered with stories about family life and how we are making our own way in this world. Life is about making choices. For better or worse, we have made the choice to live on a sailboat… now let’s see where this watery path will lead us.

JD~ It’s crazy to think that it’s been 3 years since we bought our first sailboat and moved aboard. S/V Gone Tomorrow, has treated us quite well! She’s been the absolute perfect boat for us for where we are in our lives and at our level of sailing experience. We’ve learned a lot about sailing and we’ve had a lot of great adventures around the San Francisco Bay that we used to only dream about. We’re excited to sail on and share our experiences, frustrations, goals and lessons here on our blog.

Ruby~ Can I get on the boom boom?


9 thoughts on “About The Tribe

    1. Hi! Thanks for the invite; we would love to meet you guys. We have family in town over the weekend, so I’m not sure what the plans are. We’ll definitely keep the herring festival in mind. It would also be fun to sail out to Angel Island to meet for a hike/picnic and have the kiddos run around. If we make it to Sausalito this weekend, I’ll let you know. Look forward to meeting you and your family!

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    1. It was great meeting you and the boys too Heather. We may be headed to Sausalito this weekend to meet up with Christian and Josie. Be neat to check out your neighborhood if you guys are around! -JD


  1. Hey there, we’d love to meet up with you guys once we get back in the Bay. We are in Stockton right now on the hard working on Rad Mode’s bottom when the boatyard isn’t flooded. We should be back in the Richardson Bay area at the very beginning of next month.

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    1. Hey guys, nice! I bet you’re liking this weather better now, eh? Hope the bottom job is going well. Yes, let’s hook up soon. We’ve got a bit of travel off and on this month. Are you staying in the bay for a while, or moving on?


      1. Somehow we missed this message. We are done with the haul out and are back in the Bay! We’ll be around for a while and would like to meet up. Are you guys still around?

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