How helping VISAR via #BVISTRONG merchandise has changed our lives It's been over a month and a half since we first received an email from Brittany of Windtraveler and Aristocat Charters with an idea to design a Tee-Shirt to help spread the word and raise money to support the VISAR Relief Fund. We're happy to report that it's been a great success, although a... Continue Reading →

Escape to Treasure Island – at Anchor in Clipper Cove, Where Boats Could Fly! | Ep. 6 | Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series

Happy Thursday Tribe! In this video we head out into the sunset, literally. We escape to Treasure Island for a relaxing weekend at anchor in Clipper Cove, where boats could fly! Paddle boards, beach time, reading and rum! It also happened to be the last weekend of the month which means that the Treasure... Continue Reading →

3 Problems We’ll Fix to Improve our Sailing Videos

Recently, Jen, Ruby and I packed our bags and hopped on a jet plane toward the Great Smoky Mountains for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Yeah, Mom & Dad, good job! Y’all Cray!   In between the games of pool, the giant shrimp boil, hikes along the streams and dance recitals from the little's, the subject of our YouTube sailing videos came up.... Continue Reading →

They Say There’s Two Kinds of Sailors… |Ep. 2| Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series

When we started to tell people we were headed out of San Francisco Bay, up into the Delta, I can't tell you how many times I heard; 'You know, there's two kinds of sailors - Those who've run aground and those who will.' Another rendition was, ' Well, there's three kinds of sailors, you know... Continue Reading →

Ep. 1 | Sailboat Haul Out at Berkeley Marine Center | Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series Hey Tribe! If you haven't seen it yet, (or even if you have, watch it again), here's our first video episode of our 'Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series' where we're documenting our sailing adventures, and all that goes with a life on the water! It was time for new bottom paint, a couple of... Continue Reading →

Mini Video Introduction | Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series

Hello Tribe! As some of you have seen already from our Instagram or Facebook posts, we've begun to upload some videos to our YouTube Channel. We're excited to share what we're learning about life aboard our 37.5 Hunter Legend Sailboat. Learning to shoot and edit videos has been a lot of fun as well. This... Continue Reading →

Post 53: Le Mal de Mere

~Jen~ I daydreamed about buying a sailboat before I'd ever stepped foot on a monohull. There was just something in my bones that told me that my nomadic tour leader lifestyle, which had me crisscrossing the country and living out of the back of a van, would translate well to living small on the water.... Continue Reading →

Post 52: Double Down

~Jen~ Last year, we spent 29 days out and about in the Bay Area from the San Joaquin River in the Delta to spending our first night outside of the Golden Gate in Half Moon Bay. All said and done, 2016 was pretty great, but we have goals for you 2017. We want to double... Continue Reading →

Post 51: Solid Foundations – Boats, Business & the Baby Girl

-JD- We've been busy. Jen got a job working on boats at the Berkeley Marine Center and Ruby has just completed her first week of Preschool. Those two things alone have felt like some pretty big pages to turn. Jen's been taking care of Ruby full time, squeezing in time to build the foundation of... Continue Reading →

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