Post 50: Family Liveaboard – Our First Full Year

-JD- I slid open the companionway glass tonight at about 11:15, stepped down into the quiet, dimly lit boat and looked for signs of an awake female. There weren't any. Both of the girls were sleeping. Jen usually stirs and says hi if she's awake when I get home late. She didn't. I walked over... Continue Reading →

Post 49: Gaining Independence

~Jen~ Per usual, I've been a slacker on the blog front.  So, I'm going to combine a couple of boat adventures. Father's Day- Sunday, June 21st Rather than spending money on stuff (aka gifts) this Father's Day, we decided to spend time on a new experience. Our trusty crew Brad Johnson joined us once again... Continue Reading →

Post 48: The Merry Maker, A Scurvy Cure for the Common Sailor

~Jen~ Wednesday was the official end of a 21 day cleanse for JD and me, so we decided to celebrate with a Scurvy Cure for the Common Sailor.  And what better way to celebrate than with a champagne cocktail, a spectacular sunset, a full moon, a couple of good friends and plenty of Vitamin C?... Continue Reading →

Post 47: 24 Hour Adventure

~Jen~ Since our little tribe has returned to S/V Gone Tomorrow (Ruby and me from Yosemite and JD from Orlando), it has been a bit hectic.  JD is working MUCHO; I can't remember the last time we had 2 whole days to spend together as a family.  Weekend, what??  It's amazing how rejuvenating a night away from... Continue Reading →

Post 46: Enjoying This Moment

~Jen~ Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in the mundane yet challenging aspects of daily life.  For example, my mind might start wandering down a path like this: I live on a small boat with a toddler where it's cold, windy and foggy.  I cannot believe the amount of dishes that a two and... Continue Reading →

Post 45: Monday Night

-JD- I'm sitting in the cockpit tonight, listening. It's a pretty calm night and there's no halyards thwaping any nearby masts, no high winds whistling through the marina, just a lot of calm, very pleasant, 'boat noises'. There's something so aesthetically pleasing, to me, about a marina and about the beautiful boats that are here,... Continue Reading →

Post 44: The Jen Gimlet, a Scurvy Cure for the Common Sailor

~Jen~ I'm kicking off the new portion of our blog: Scurvy Cures for the Common Sailor. JD is in Toronto on business, so I invited a few females over to S/V Gone Tomorrow for a girl's night.  I figured there was no better time to start the Scurvy Cures project than with a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Post 43: Ditto

~Jen~ I love the way JD writes; he depicted our Petaluma adventure so well.  All I need to say for my two cents is "ditto." Rather than writing more words, I am adding a quick video recap and some pictures to our Petaluma story.  You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  I used... Continue Reading →

Post 42: Petaluma River Run – Part 2: There & Back

-JD- I'm two days back to work now, from Petaluma. I'm readjusted and motivated, but damn I can't stop thinking of the great weekend with our sailing buddies. My racoon eyes are shining pretty bright on my morning subway rides. I catch people taking glances at my silly looking face and smile at them. My... Continue Reading →

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