Scurvy Cures

Oh to live a life at sea full of adventure, fresh air, wide open space and no fresh fruit or vegetables.  Scurvy was a disease that afflicted many sailors and pirates who survived long ocean voyages while all foods with Vitamin C perished.

Legend has it that the Gin Gimlet was used medicinally to cure this affliction.  Because we enjoy history, Vitamin C, sailing and (let’s be honest) an excuse to drink adult beverages, we are going to do our best to make sure that anyone who steps onto our vessel leaves without the dreaded Scurvy.

We want to share our original Scurvy Cures with you.

The only rule for each recipe is that some form of Vitamin C must be included, otherwise all’s fair in drink making and scurvy preventing.  We’ll include the ingredients, the how to’s and info on the crew partaking in each medicinal concoction.

A special thanks to my dad for inspiring this portion of the blog.  My father enjoys loose leaf tea, home brew beer as well as the occasional Gin Gimlet.

Discovering the Wonders of the Gin Gimlet with my Dad at Honor Bar

Here’s to your health…

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