Mini Video Introduction | Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series

Hello Tribe! As some of you have seen already from our Instagram or Facebook posts, we’ve begun to upload some videos to our YouTube Channel. We’re excited to share what we’re learning about life aboard our 37.5 Hunter Legend Sailboat. Learning to shoot and edit videos has been a lot of fun as well. This first one is a short, rough intro that we’ll likely … Continue reading Mini Video Introduction | Tight Little Tribe Sailing Series

Post 49: Gaining Independence

~Jen~ Per usual, I’ve been a slacker on the blog front.  So, I’m going to combine a couple of boat adventures. Father’s Day- Sunday, June 21st Rather than spending money on stuff (aka gifts) this Father’s Day, we decided to spend time on a new experience. Our trusty crew Brad Johnson joined us once again for a big first– sailing in the Pacific Ocean.  It’s … Continue reading Post 49: Gaining Independence

Post 47: 24 Hour Adventure

~Jen~ Since our little tribe has returned to S/V Gone Tomorrow (Ruby and me from Yosemite and JD from Orlando), it has been a bit hectic.  JD is working MUCHO; I can’t remember the last time we had 2 whole days to spend together as a family.  Weekend, what??  It’s amazing how rejuvenating a night away from the dock can be, so we decided to take advantage … Continue reading Post 47: 24 Hour Adventure

Post 35: Out of the Gate

~Jen~ Yes, yippee, yoweeee!  Happy 2015 to us, finally.  The new prop is on, and we made it out for our inaugural sail of the year.  We brought along our friends Rachel and Khriss from Bindlestiff Tours to witness our monumental (for us) first sail under the Golden Gate Bridge. Our first stop was Angel Island, where we had a nice BBQ.  Next up, we headed through Raccoon … Continue reading Post 35: Out of the Gate

Post 33: Out With the Old

~Jen~ New job, new schedule and an old, broken prop…  We were heading out for our first sail since moving back to the Bay.  We were in the channel when –clung, klug, shudder, shudder– part of the prop broke off.  What to do?  Call for a tow (yes), throw up the jib (yes), head back into the marina under sail power (yes)?  We ended up … Continue reading Post 33: Out With the Old

Post 32: Family Road Trippin’ (part dos)

~Jen~ Here’s me playing a bit of catch up…  while living in Las Vegas over the past summer, we took a road trip back to SF to spend a bit of time on the Bay.  It was so amazing, I want to make sure to record a bit of it on the blog (even if I’m 6 months late).  If interested in the full story, … Continue reading Post 32: Family Road Trippin’ (part dos)

Post 25: Happy Birthday, Daddy-O

~Jen~ Today JD rang in the final year of his third decade. There are so many new adventures to be had, and there is so much on the horizon. I feel slightly guilty for holding out for so long, but here goes: WE ARE MOVING TO LAS VEGAS FOR THE SUMMER. Wait, what? What about the boat? The Bay? The awesome boat family we just … Continue reading Post 25: Happy Birthday, Daddy-O

Post 24: Boat Porn Indeed

~Jen~ Wowzers. We have now officially attended our first boat show, Strictly Sail Pacific, and I now understand what all the hoopla is about. We checked out an assortment of sailboats in different shapes and sizes. Some of these newer models remind me of shopping at Ikea with their modern interiors and funky cabinets, while others have me picking my jaw up off the floor. … Continue reading Post 24: Boat Porn Indeed

Post 21: Angel Island, Revisited

~Jen~ Sunday morning, we rolled out of bed and sailed to Angel Island. It was that easy… No hassle of packing up all out gear (including the massive amount of stuff that comes along with having a toddler) and driving to the boat. Nope, we already had everything we needed. What a great reason to live aboard your boat. It just makes it that much … Continue reading Post 21: Angel Island, Revisited